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Industrial Loading Technology
  Hydraulic Dock Leveler
  The hydraulic dock levelers are available in hinged or extendable (telescopic) lip in numerous dimensions and capacities and various built-in possibilities. These results in the fact that mounting costs can be considerably reduced. Characteristic however is the ease of operation, the high quality safety.
  Sliding Dock Leveler
  The drawbridge leveler covers most loading applications and can be used for height differences of up to 250mm with a load capacity of 6000kgs. Every leveler is fitted with underside springing to balance the weight of the platform.
  When the dock shelter is used variations in internal climate are reduced, which is in the interest of the stored goods. Furthermore, employees are protected from draught or extreme temperature fluctuations. The PowerShelter dock shelters have the ability to reduce the energy consumption in warehouses and to limit the absence of employees through illness.
  High Speed Doors
  A high speed door is suitable in situations where draught needs to be prevented but frequent coming and going of vehicles requires the use of a rapidly opening and closing door. A flexible curtain grants a draft free closing at all times. Common applications include car showrooms, internal warehouse partitions, parking garages, etc.
  Fire-rated Shutters
  A fire rated shutter is a curtain composed of interlocked curved slats rolled from galvanized and bonderized steel as per ASTM standards. Fire resistance levels (FRL) of one, two, three or four hours can be provided.
  Sectional Doors
  The sectional doors glide up the roof when opened, allowing free space around the door opening and leaving the door opening completely free. The industrial sectional door can be installed in any type of area, due to its large range of track systems and operational possibilities. It grants for superb thermal and sound insulation, functionality and practical ease of operation. The panels come with a standard finger pinch protection which is the best in industry.
  Lift Tables
  This is a hydraulic scissor lift table which, based on the modular concept, is available in a comprehensive range or dimensions and carrying capacities. As such numerous built-in options and significant savings in manufacturing costs can be achieved. Furthermore, the comprehensive range of availability options ensures that nearly all clients’ requirements can be met. The top-level quality, safety and ease of operation are the key characteristics of our lift tables.
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